Medical Miracles

You might have heard the term ‘miracle’ in some movies or by some people around you.  A miracle, as defined by Oxford, is an extraordinary event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to divine energy. We say that there is nothing that science can’t explain yet there are these medical miracles that science couldn’t really explain. So, a medical miracle means a situation in which a person makes an unexpected recovery despite great odds. Some remarkable, as well as astonishing cases, are mentioned below:


On Sept 23, 40- year old Ruby Graupera Cassimiro had just completed a normal C- section delivery and gave birth to a baby girl. But when the medical team moved her to the recovery room she fell unconscious. In just a few moments, Ruby who was now the mother of two children was in full cardiac arrest. Dr. Jordan Knurr, MD, her anesthesiologist at Boca Raton Regional Hospital in Florida, instantly introduced a tube into Ruby so a machine could breathe for her. He called a code ( doctors often use this term as slang to refer to a patient in cardiopulmonary arrest, requiring a team of providers, sometimes called code team, to rush to a specific location and begin immediate resuscitative efforts) and the code team frantically gave advanced life support. Dr. Knurr said that she was having life- threatening heartbeats and had pulse less rhythm which means that the heart was beating but not pumping enough blood throughout the whole body. So, doctors decided to give CPR compressions for 45 minutes continuously to get her heart to start pumping normally again.

 After about 2 hours, there was not much hope left with doctors who were treating her and they decided to call her family into the room for final goodbye. After Ruby’s family returned to the waiting room, they prayed for different outcomes, the doctors even stopped pumping and were soon to be declared dead. Dr. Knurr says that he was seconds away from turning off the ventilation machine when one of the nurses shouted ‘Stop’. He continues by saying that without help of any medicine or CPR, Ruby’s heart began to beat on its own for the first time in two hours. The doctor depicted it as something indescribable. It turned out that some amniotic fluid had leaked into the uterus which further traveled from her bloodstream to her heart, this condition is called amniotic fluid embolism. This condition results in air blockage in the heart that prevents flowing of blood. Dr. Knurr says that these embolisms are quite rare and not much is known about it. Usually the patient passes away or suffers from severe brain damage.

Not only did Ruby survive but she’s in perfect health as if this incident never happened. Dr. Knurr later says that “It’s a miracle. Though I am not a highly religious person but you just don’t see this happen.” The very next day the tube which was enabling breathing was removed and four days later, Ruby was discharged with her newborn daughter without a broken rib cage from all the chest compressions.


This incident dates back on 25th March, 2010, Kate and David Ogg heard the most unfortunate and fearful news a parent could hear that their newborn is not going to make it. They had twins – a girl and a boy who were only two minutes apart and 14 week pre- mature weighing over two pounds. Doctors tried to save the baby boy for 20 minutes but there was no advancement of his state. The boy’s heartbeat was nearly gone and he had even stopped breathing. The baby boy was only a few moments away from death, he was sometimes gasping for air as mentioned by his mother but the doctor said it was of no use.

 So, this Australian couple knew that this was likely a goodbye, so they wanted to cherish all these moments with him till this last. Kate had already named the baby, Jamie and unwrapped him from his hospital blanket and told David to join them in the bed with his shirts off. The first time parents wanted their baby boy as warm and cozy as possible and thought that skin- to- skin which may improve baby boy’s state and conversed with him. Then suddenly something miraculous happened, Jamie gasped again and started breathing and reached for his father’s fingers. Their lost boy had made it and they considered themselves the luckiest people in the world.

Now, Jamie and his sister, Emily are healthy and happy.


An astonishing incident happened in December 2007, Alcides Moreno and his brother, Edgar, fell from 47 stories in their window washing platform along the side of New York City Skyscraper. Edgar died on spot after crashing while Alcides, at that time, 37, survived. After total 16 surgeries, he woke in December and started talking by January. Physicians described this incident with Alcides’ recovery from this traumatic and terrifying fall as “miraculous” and “unprecedented”. Shortly thereafter, he was discharged from hospital and then was sent to rehab centre, doctors hoped that one day he may be able to walk again.

These are just three out of many medical miracles, or you can say medical mysteries. You might have heard about the man, Greg Thomas whose cancer was cured by the church while he was renovating church; he described it as “While I was restoring church, god was restoring me.”  Another case you can find in the movie, Miracles from heaven (2016), which is based on a true story of the Beam family. Miracles as Albert Einstein once said – There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

What are your views on this? Do you believe in medical miracles? Share your thoughts about it.

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