ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE – All You Need to Know About

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Imagine, dreaming of Living your life to the fullest and best and suddenly at mid-age you can’t even remember your companions, that after some time you forget how to brush your teeth and then one day swallowing food is the newest task of your life! Scary! It’s Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys the memory and thinking skills of the brain making the brain shrink and neurons die.

Dementia(a general to describe various symptoms of worsening of  memory, thinking and normal skills)is the result of Alzheimer’s .dementia is more common in people of age group mid 60’s

According to facts, 5.8 million people in the US of age group 65 plus are having Alzheimer’s.

In the world 50 million people have dementia and in them, 60% to 70% are having Alzheimer’s.


Alzheimer is named after doctor Alzheimer who discovered an unusual change in brain tissue of a woman who died of mental illness.

He studied her brain and found many unusual and abnormal clumps (amyloid plaques) and Tangled bundles of fibres (neurofibrillary or Tau).


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The brain controls our whole body and slowly this disease damages the whole brain and results show on our body

  1. Features in brain structure – amyloid plaques and tangles in the brain are the main features to determine Alzheimer’s disease
  2. Damage of neurons connection
  3. Initially, the hippocampus is damaged (the memory centre of the brain).
  4.  As neurons die and nerve connections break different parts of the brain are adversely affected.
  5.  The brain tissue starts shrinking and as time passes it keeps on shrinking.

As the person grows old, risk of Alzheimer’s increases.


Daily routine becomes a war with yourself.

Symptoms are different in a different person, it proceeds like-

  • Forgetting the recent happenings and talks
  • Difficulty in organizing thoughts as the day goes on the closest one sees how this worsens which is the worst part to see your dear one forgetting you at the end.

In Alzheimer’s, as a day passes it mainly affects


Every one of us forgets about some things in our daily tasks but it doesn’t sweep out our system, in Alzheimer’s disease this remains and worsens day by day, making you dependent on someone for everything.


  • they may get lost in any place which was the routine visit for them
  • ask the same question over and over
  • forget names of family members and basic objects
  • forget talks, events, any appointment and can’t even remember then later forget words to express themselves


  • Alzheimer’s affects thinking and concentration power especially numbers multitasking is the most difficult one for them
  • Can’t manage finances, bills and checquebooks, eventually difficulty in managing numbers


  • Difficulty in making decisions of normal routine
  • Difficulty in making judgements in everyday situations like they aren’t able to decide what to wear according to the event and weather
  • Their responses to severe problems are shocking like food burning on stove and Rash car driving


Brain regulates the whole body and thus our moods and behaviour.

As various problems in them include-

  • disturbed sleep pattern
  • delusions of something being stolen
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • irritation and aggression
  • distrust in other people
  • mood swings
  • apathy
  • social withdrawal
  • worried
  • upset
  • imagining things
  • hiding things
  • psychosis
  • planning and performing tasks

4. They find difficulty in doing any task in sequence like

  • cooking food
  • taking bath
  • dressing
  • eating

For the people having Alzheimer’s


Some skills are preserved in our mind for a longer time even when Alzheimer increase these remains with the sufferer

skills like-

  • Dancing
  • Drawing
  • Doing crafts
  • Listening to music
  • Storytelling

They are preserved for a longer time as they are controlled by the part of the brain which is affected later in the course of the disease.


Alzheimer disease occurs cannot be treated, they lead to dementia and memory loss and many problems come with that.

So as soon as the person reaches 55 and get the symptoms mentioned above of memory loss and difficulty in thinking, they should visit the doctor and get it checked.


If diagnosed, its symptoms may be slowed down only by medications but temporarily different programs and services are there which help and support people with Alzheimer’s


1. Social engagement– one of the important things is to prevent Alzheimer’s is to engage yourself in different cultural and social events, stay busy and Happy.

2.Education– according to research people having education up to class 10th or less are found to have Alzheimer’s in common than people having more education and more qualification.

There is no treatment for Alzheimer’s; you have to live with it for your life.

In the end, complications will increase and severe loss of brain function will occur- like dehydration, malnutrition, infection and eventually death.

So try to follow the precautions and if you have any member of your family suffering from it then help them, love them because it is not them who are acting weird it is their brain not cooperating.